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Welcome to NPUA Quality Assurance e-System

This e-System of internal quality assurance (QAeS) consists of two main subsystems:
Quality Assurance Web Portal and Quality Assurance Online Toolset.

The first subsystem is aimed to present:

Regulatory/Methodical Framework of NPUA Quality Assurance System;

Information Database of NPUA Study Programmes.

The second subsystem is designed to support by means of appropriate online e-tools:

  1. to implement the quality standards and procedures for study programmes in the phases of programme design, restructuring and implementation;  
  2. to realize multifactor assessment and rating of NPUA teachers performance efficiency.  

The System is designed and developed by the NPUA and Synergy International Systems joint team within the framework of the World Bank’s grant programme “Education Quality and Compliance” realized in NPUA in 2012-2013 (Project No 8/11-IQA). The methodical background of the System is based on the materials delivered at NPUA on internal QA processes and procedures, coherent with the requirements of ENQA standards. Technical solutions of the realized e-system belong to Synergy International Systems.

The introduced QAeS is aimed to serve the needs of a wide range of target groups including both internal (NPUA students, teachers, administrators) and external (parents, applicants, employers, founders and investors, external experts, etc.) stakeholders.    

Dear user, we welcome your visit to the System and expect your concerned feedback.  Any comments and recommendations aimed at the enhancement of the System will be gratefully considered by the developers’ team.